Douglas Coupland

June 27, 2002 to August 4, 2002
Opening Reception<br />
June 26th, 6PM<br />
Artist in attendance

The Monte Clark Gallery Toronto is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Vancouver-based artist and author Douglas Coupland.

The exhibition is being mounted in conjunction with the publication on Canada Day of Coupland's new book, "Souvenir of Canada". The suite of large-scale, colour photographs, entitled "Canada Pictures", presents distinctly Canadian material, from Joni Mitchell 8-tracks, Kraft Dinner and the Avro Arrow to the October Crisis and ookpiks. Arranged as still-lifes and quasi-dioramas the photographs depict a wealth of Canadian historical and pop culture references that are central to our collective memory. Confounding to non-Canadians, endearing to us, the photographs gently divide viewers, most notably along the 49th parallel.

Douglas Coupland graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1984. In 1987 he was given a solo exhibition of his sculpture, entitled "The Floating World", at the Vancouver Art Gallery. His first novel, "Generation X," was published in 1991. He has since written nine other novels that have been translated into 22 languages. "Souvenir of Canada" is to be published on July 1st by Douglas and McIntyre. "Canada Pictures" is Coupland's first exhibition in Toronto. He will also be speaking at the 2002 IdeaCity Conference in Toronto.